Top 5 Riveting and Enthralling Water & Amusement Parks in Sharjah to Visit in 2021

Sharjah is one such city that is well known for its numerous exquisite water and amusement parks. So, if you are planning on visiting this beautiful city filled with exciting places, then you must make the most of this experience.  This city has plenty of places and wonderful sites to visit. However, covering all of them in your one visit could be challenging.

Therefore, you must know about all the best places so that at least you won’t miss out on the best experience. Although the city has more than eight water spots to visit, we have covered the top 5 enthralling water parks in this article. So, if you want to visit the best water parks, then have a look at the list provided to you below.

1. Pearls Kingdom Water Park

Loosen up a bit and relax into the calming water of Pearl's Kingdom. It has more than 36 exciting rides and slides that will make you whoop a lot. So, if you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience, then you must visit this park. After all, what else do you want in a waterpark other than thrilling slides?

Furthermore, It is an extended water park to the famous Al Montazah Park. Moreover, entry to Al Montazah Park is free. However, if you only want to visit the water park, then you will have to buy the entry ticket for it.

2. Al Montazah Park

If your child is more into exciting rides and enjoys sports activities, then you should certainly visit this park. It has a variety of spectrums in terms of water rides, sports games, and other activities. In simple words, Al Montazah Park is for you if you want to have a good time with your family. Each family member can find their favorite sport or activity to enjoy.

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Furthermore, it has extended the amusement park to the water park (the Pearls Kingdom Water Park), which has been the recipient of the Tourism Excellence Award in 2014. Not to mention, people all over the world visit Sharjah just to visit this park. Additionally, entry is free for children under 2 feet. However, there are entry fees for the water park for adults as well as for children. Also, there might be additional charges to try some of the sports and games.

3. Al Majaz Park

Al Majaz covers a vast area of 231,000 Square feet, which has recreational activities for both kids and adults. Tourists often get attracted to it because of the several events that it organizes.

Its waterfront is the extension of the park, which has adventurous water rides. There are no entry fees to go into the park. However, there might be some charges to try some activities or rides. Moreover, it also has relaxing spots near the waterfront. So, if you just want to relax then Al Majaz Park is definitely the one for you.

4. Magic Planet

This one is not exactly an amusement park but it certainly gives that vibe. It has an enormous set up indoors for games. However, it is primarily focused on activities for kids, so adults might not find a lot of entertainment for them.

However, you kid will surely have a good time here as it has all kinds of games with different levels of complexities.  Thus, covering all age groups from kids to teenagers. Moreover, it also organizes magic shows, which can be fascinating to your kid. But its opening hours are not very flexible as it closes after 11 pm.

5. Adventureland

Adventureland is an indoor jungle-themed amusement park that covers an area of around 70,000 square feet. It has all the fun and entertainment activities inspired by the theme of the jungle. So, if you want your child to have jungle-type fun or your child is interested in wildlife, this is the best place to visit for that purpose.

Also, it gives you a pretty different experience than other mundane amusement parks that usually have the same theme. So, if you have your doubts regarding the place, then at least visit it. Once you stand in front of it, you will undoubtedly want to try this place out.


A Simple Guide To Help You In Buying A Gaming Monitor & CPU

So, if you are on a look out for gaming monitors then you need to know that they can be availed in various sizes and flairs. Also, they come with a varying price tag. But what are some of the important aspects that need to be taken into consideration while buying gaming monitors? Here is a brief about them so let us see what needs to be taken into consideration.

Get the best gaming CPU for your build. Intel Core i7-8700K. For the power gamer, but without breaking the bank. AMD Ryzen 9 3900X. The best AMD option for your gaming rig. You can consider Intel Gaming CPU, A great budget CPU for Intel-centred builds. AMD Ryzen 7 3700X. Intel Core i9-9980XE. AMD may have usurped the top spot for the best CPU for gaming with its latest Ryzen 3000 processors, but it still has competition from Intel's.

The resolution: firstly, the most important factor that you need to look into before you buy your gaming monitor is the resolution of the display. Well, the following types of displays can be availed. So based on your needs and preference you can pick the best one for yourself and these include:

  • 1080p (this is full HD)
  • 1440p (QHD/2K)
  • 2160p (UHD/4K)

So, basically, having a higher resolution will obviously mean that the pixel count will be high as well. This clearly implies a better visual detail and you will also have a better and higher image clarity. But before you decide your resolution, it is essential that you consider the power of your GPU and decide if you will prefer the quality of the visual or performance.

The technology of the panel: basically, these day’s monitors rely on two types of panels.

  • Twisted Nematic (TN)
  • In-plane switching (IPS)

The IPS panes will offer better visual quality all-around. This will imply more vibrant and more accurate reproduction of colour and also you will get better viewing angles. But the advantage of using a TN panel is that they have faster response times.

The size of the screen: well, for many gamers, the size of the screen doesn’t make much of a difference since they will be viewing it closely and the differences seem to be minor. You will find gaming monitors somewhere between 21 inches to 27 inches as they will represent an appropriate balance of clarity of the visual and the comfort of viewing. So, anything that is higher will be required to view from a distance. So, which size you want to choose will entirely be your decision.

Make Your McDonald’s Experience Better with MCD Voice

From the first store opened in Illinois to be the largest restaurant buying Canadian beef in Canada, the McDonald’s franchise has come a long way. One thing that makes the company stand out is its ability to adapt according to the local flavors of the country that they open stores in. In Japan, they started serving the seaweed shaker and in Italy, they started using Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese combination on their burgers. In India, they went as far segregating the vegetarian and non-vegetarian kitchens to cater to the religious beliefs in India. As of 2018, McDonald’s has opened stores in 101 countries which means that there are 36,000 restaurants. The franchise serves almost 69 million people each day. This means that sometimes, they might get an order or two wrong. To tackle these issues, they have customer support.

What is MCDVoice?

While customer support was a simple enough process, a lot of companies have decided to take the customer involvement a notch higher. MCD Voice can be used by a customer to give feedback about a product or service that McDonald's provides. The service also helps the company since they get feedback on their products and get a real-time view of how the customers feel about the company. They use this information for two purposes- they get important data about the customers from the customers, and they can use the information to improve their products. So, McDonald’s also started using the Customer Satisfaction Survey Scheme.

How do you use the survey?

The survey is true to its name- it’s a survey by McDonald’s so the people can have their voice heard. All you have to do to take part in the survey is to answer the questions that are asked, honestly. The questions are usually about how you feel about the company and their products or services, and about the past experiences you’ve had with the company. The greatest benefit still stays with the customer. All the information collected is used to make the customers’ experience with McDonald’s better. The survey allows customers to also give any negative feedback they have so that those negative aspects can be worked upon and improved.


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Pros: Cheap, Fast processor and Free Upgrade to CD-RW drive, 2 USB Ports.

Cons: A little heavier than some competitors. The graphic card's memory is a 64MB shared memory - this means that it'll draw memory from the main memory, and so it's not recommended to use with intensive graphics software like video games. The Bottom Line: I would recommend this laptop to anyone looking for a laptop computer for email, internet, basic programming, word processing, basic digital picture viewing, non-graphic-intensive games, basic music playing and recording CD's.

(For digital pictures or online trading go with the Inspiron 5100.)

(For video games or extensive graphics go with the Inspiron 5150 or 8500.) Price: It is darn cheap right now with its base price around $700 if you buy it online. And for this base price you'll get: Intel Celeron  2.0GHz, 14.1" XGA Display, 128Mb Memory and 20Gb Hard Drive, CD-RW, built-in Ethernet card (NIC), 2 USB 2.0 Ports, Windows XP and plus ...

Dell Inspriron 1100 Review- Integrated video shared memory

- Integrated Sound

- Front-mounted speakers

(SoundBlaster compatible)

- Integrated 56K modem

- Windows XP Home Edition

- Ports: 2 USB 2.0, RJ-11, RJ-45, speaker/mic jacks, PCMCIA type II slot

- 94Whr Lithium-ion battery

Compare Dell Inspiron 1100 to low-end laptops from other brands - Laptop Comparison. I recommend that for $50 more you upgrade to 256Mb memory, and for another $50 to a 15" screen, and you'll be set for 4-5 years easily. Add a FREE 24x/10x/24x CD-RW Drive Upgrade! (from CD-ROM) when buying online to write CD's.

(No Floppy drive supplied. For external USB Floppy Drive add $49 ... or get a USB Memory Key later yourself.) Add up to a 3 year (or up to 4 year if buying online) Limited Warranty for $119 or a Limited Warranty plus At-Home Service for $179.

Add Microsoft Works Suite for $15 and get MS-Word (word processor), MS-Works (word processor), Encarta Encyclopedia, Money, Street & Trips, Picture It, Photo (digital pictures) and Outlook Express (emails) software. Adds up to: $749 + $50 + $50 + $179 + $15 = $1043. Still a very comparable price! And remember, there is no tax or shipping fees when buying online. Warranty: A standard warranty is a 1 year limited warranty with At-Home Service. You may return your new system within 30 days from the date of invoice. A 3-year Dell extended warranty is priced below the industry level and is worth the money. Three years would be plenty to figure any problems and fix them.

Overall Look: the outside case is a neutral blue with some silver inserts, the inside is silver with blue accents. This gives it a very appealing contemporary look as a high-tech system should be. Weight: For a 15" display - 7.78lbs (with the battery). The case is made to be pretty rigid. I know that Dell makes lighter laptops but they cost more and some have a smaller screen.

Portability & Dimensions: For a 15" display - Width x Depth x Hight = 13.1" x 10.8" x 1.83". This is neither a thin notebook computer nor a light one. Dell Inspiron 1100 Screen Screen: comes as 14.1" XGA TFT active matrix that is the most common and large enough. Can be upgraded to 15" at the time of purchase for only $50. With either screen size you'll get a 1024x768 resolution which is perfect to browse internet.

Video Card: Priced at the lowest, Inspiron 1100 doesn't have a graphics adapter card like the high-end laptops. Instead, it has an integrated shared memory processor chip to control the video. It can share up to 64 MB of total system memory and because of that I wouldn't recommend this model if you intend on using this laptop to play graphic intensive games. Media/Storage: 24x/10x/24x CD-RW. Very fast at 24x writing speed - takes 5 min to write a 700MB music CD (writes Re-Writable CD with 10x speed). Reads fast with 24x speed.

Ports/Connectivity: 2 USB 2.0 ports provide fastest USB connection (up to 400 MB/sec). Connect most of the external USB peripherals including mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer, scanner, digital camera, port replicator etc. The Type II PCMCIA card slot lets you install a wireless NIC card or a network card. Use the Ethernet 10/100 port (RJ-45) to connect to high speed internet such as DSL or Cable modem or to a corporate network. The phone jack connects through a 56K modem.

The monitor can also be connected using a 15-pin VGA port.

Dell Inspiron 1100 touchpadConvenience: Keyboard and trackpad - Dell Inspiron 1100 has the typical laptop keyboard and it has the typical touch pad for the mouse movement. Most people prefer to use an external mouse plugged into the USB port.

Battery: Inspiron 1100' battery lasts for up to 3.5 hours - this is not bad at all to compare with more expensive competitors. Uses a 12-cell Lithium Ion battery that is currently the longest lasting rechargeable battery for laptops. Upgradability: memory is upgradable to 512MB, hard drive to 60GB.

Docking Station: not available

Port Replicator: 2 replicators are available from Dell: see the USB port replicator and Universal port replicator. Dell Nylon carrying caseCarrying Case: not included in the price. For Dell nylon carrying case (see picture) add $59. It has lots of extra room for accommodating several peripherals.

Conclusion: I've been using the Dell Inspiron 1100 for the past 6 months and I haven't found anything that I don't like about it. It has plenty of processor speed and memory that I can run all of my software, including photo editing and word processing software, do some programming and browse the internet. I've been taking it to work and was able to easily connect to the corporate network using the built-in RJ-45 jack.




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